How to convert graphic from GIF to BMP format using MS Paint
(yes the free programme that comes with Windows Operating System)

This one is pretty easy but can be time consuming if you wish to convert more than 10 images at any one time.
Simply launch Paint programme, go to File -->Open-->and select the image you wish to convert.
Your selected image should show up in Paint by now.
Then go to File-->Save As
Pick the BMP option if you wish to, and click Save.
That's it!

How to convert a batch of graphics to other formats, using Irfan View Image Converter programme. This tutorial is made based on Irfan View version 3.80

To download a free copy of Irfan View image converter please visit the official website at

After you have Irfan View installed on your computer (please see Irfan View's website for help on installation, sorry I do not support software installation), go to the folder of the images you wish to convert. Remember, you can convert the graphic format to any format you like such as bmp, jpg, etc.

Please note that if you try to convert to WMF format, most of my images will not work because WMF seems to only recognize images with limited colors. Cute Colors images contain too many colors in a single image therefore will not convert to WMF successfully. You can however, proceed to try it out if you want to. If you have some ways to make my images work in WMF, please let me know, thanks.

Step 1
Locate the images you wish to convert

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

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