Solution to printing clear images in MS Word

Some of you might find that GIF images (such as those available at the Free Clipart section and Cute Colors Club section) become blur when printed out with MS Word. The image blurring does not happen in the older Windows operating system. I am not sure if this problem happens in Windows 2000 but Windows XP users will encounter the blurring effect. Whichever the system may be, if you are one who encounters such problem, the solutions below will solve it:


GIF format will print out blur in Windows XP's MS word.
However, it prints out clear and crisp if the image is in BMP format.
Convert the GIF to BMP format using the methods as described in my simple tutorial.

OPTION 2: SAVE THE DOCUMENT IN Word97-2002&6.0/95-RTF(*doc) or Word 6.0/95 (*doc) type

If you find it troublesome and time consuming to convert GIF to BMP format just to get a good print in Windows XP's MS Word, do the following steps:


Insert the GIF images as you normally would in MS Word

2) Before printing, you NEED to save your document to a suitable MS Word version

3) In the "Save As Type" box, choose either of the following:

  • Word 6.0/95(*.doc)
  • Word97-2002&6.0/95-RTF(*doc)

    then click "Save"

  • 5) You need to close down your document or else it won't work

    6) Then reopen your document

    7) Now just print as you normally would, the image quality should turn out clear and crisp

    If you have a better solution to avoid the blurring effect in Windows XP's MS Word and wish to share it with others, please do not hesitate to email me thanks!

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