How to download images with various web browsers

Internet Explorer (IE)
1. Place the cursor on the clipart and right click with the mouse.

2. A small menu will pop up. Choose the "SAVE PICTURE AS" option by left clicking onto the mouse.

3. Another pop up brings open the directory/folder option in which to save this image.

4. You can choose which directory/folder/diskette you want to save this image on from the arrow down option. Ensure that you remember which directory/folder/diskette you saved the image to, so that you can retrieve it later.

5. Then click onto "SAVE"

HELP, my browser still saves only in BMP format no matter what I do
If you are using Internet Explorer, then you might wish to read about the probable cause to this problem and try the steps to correct it, as recommened by Microsoft official website Click here to go directly to that page (opens in new window)

If you are using an AOL browser, chances are that your browser has been set to compress all images on the web for quicker loading, thus forcing your browser to be capable of only saving images from the net in BMP format. This can be rectified by going to the Preferences and turn the picture compression off .

Remember, the image format you are able to save in, is controlled by your own browser, not by Cute Colors website.

Macintosh (MAC) users
1. Place the mouse over the image you want to download
2. Hold the mouse button down until a menu screen pops up
3. Choose the appropriate selection from the menu

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not direct link/hotlink
Direct Linking/Hot Linking means choosing the "Copy Shortcut" (IE users) or "Copy Link" (Netscape users) to your webpage source code or at Forums, instead of the "Save As" option (uploading to your own server). This is also known as "leeching" or "freeloading" which is an improper netiquette.

When you direct link/hot link Cute Colors cliparts to your webpages, when someone views your webpages, it will load up the cliparts directly from my server. This causes extra load/bandwidth on my server and slows down my server tremendously (moreover I have to bear the cost of extra load/bandwidth incurred by my server).

Always save the images and upload to your own server for use on your own webpages.

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