How to add text to image buttons using Microsoft Paint

This Microsoft Paint tutorial is written for those who do not have drawing softwares such as Paint Shop Pro, Corel or Adobe. I have not used Microsoft Paint for the past few years, so please kindly excuse me if my instructions are not precise and bear in mind that what I suggest may not be the best method, thanks!

Step 1
Launch "Paint" programme, it should look like this

Step 2
Go to "File", "Open"

Step 3
Pick and double click onto the image you wish to add text on

Step 4
The image should now appear on Paint programme.
Follow the steps below:

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8
Go to "File", choose "Save As"

Step 9
A pop up window will appear, it is advisable to save the
image in a different name so that you do not overwrite the original image
That's it, all done.

Always read the "Help Topics" for better instructions

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