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TERMS of use

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Terms of Use for Cute Colors cliparts
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You may use Cute Colors Cliparts for:

- personal website, daycare website or public school website
- creating school newsletters, school notices, school flyers, school worksheets, school crafts
- hobbies such as crafts, cards, etc
- scrapbooking for personal use
- digitizing for own personal use
- cross stitch for own personal use

With immediate effect, Cute Colors is unable to permit the use of its graphics to decorate any commercial/business website or Ebay auction pages. Registration for use of Cute Colors graphics is no longer accepted for this purpose. Previous clients who have already paid their one time registration fees may continue to use Cute Colors graphics for as long as they wish. If anything is unclear, please contact me, thank you.

If cliparts are used on a webpage, kindly display a "Cute Colors" logo or a small text link ON EVERY PAGE where any Cute Colors graphics are used and provide a link back to

Please DO NOT:

- redistribute in Yahoo Groups, MSN Groups, AOL Lists, PSP Lists, Tubes Lists, Mailing Lists, etc
- use the cliparts in emails to Yahoo Groups, AOL Lists, PSP Lists, Tubes Lists, Mailing Lists
- use the cliparts to create e-cards, Line stickers, MSN stickers, other online chat stickers
- use the cliparts on any products / designs / templates for sale
- sell candy bar wrappers made with the cliparts
- sell the cliparts on CD or any other form of publishing
- alter, reword, or recolor my graphics in any way
- resize for web use
- digitize my graphics and sell the digitized products /designs thereafter
- use the cliparts on sites with pornography, occult or racism (or link to them)
- use the cliparts for web design sites for clients
- use the cliparts to create web / eBay templates (especially blogs or webpages) for public redistribution or for sale

Please DO NOT create the following using Cute Colors Cliparts:

- Logos
- Incredimail/OE Stationeries
- web Awards
- web Banners
- PSP Tubes
- web Sig Tags
- web Quilts
- animate the cliparts
- any kind of new image

Please NOTE that although permission is granted to you to use Cute Colors cliparts according to the terms as stated above, I, Grace Lee, Cute Colors will remain & continue to hold all copyrights and ownership to all the cliparts/graphics.
» Copyright 1999 - Grace Lee «
All Rights Reserved