Why Trust Training with Us?


Practical training

Dozens of practical tasks of varying complexity are waiting for you during the course to reinforce the theory. At the end of the course you will write a project, which will become a part of your portfolio and it will not be a shame to attach it to your resume.

Gamification of the process

Unique p2p system for checking assignments and answering questions. Become a mentor in the learning process. Help your colleagues, earn points and exchange them for useful bonuses.

Unique mixed format

We are not in school to give boring lectures! That’s why all the theory is collected in a personal online office in the form of author’s video lessons with 24/7 access. In the lessons only practice and the analysis of questions. A format that allows you to maximize results and pay attention to each student.

Guaranteed internship in the project

Allows you to gain proven commercial experience in a real project. This is a remote job with a flexible schedule that will allow you to dive deeper into development and familiarize yourself with team processes.

Job guarantee in the contract

100% job guarantee for course graduates. Job placement assistance for graduates of individual courses.